About Budget Construction

About Budget Construction

Budget Construction will open on Monday, January 21, 2019. Completed submissions are due to the Office of Budget & Planning by Friday, April 12, 2019.

Please view the "Let's Get Started" tab for the Budget Construction Training Manual, export template, and other useful resources.

The Budget team is looking forward to working with the campus community again this year to ensure a successful budget cycle in Budget Construction.  If you have questions, please contact your assigned Budget Analyst or the Office of Budget & Planning at 486-6288.

Key Points

Permanent Budget Transfers – The last day to transfer permanent funding for this Fiscal Year (FY19) will be Monday, December 31,, 2018. Please have your eDocs submitted to the Office of Budget & Planning prior to that date. This allows the permanent funding in BC to remain static throughout the process. One-time transfers may continue through the end of the Fiscal Year.

BC Data Load – The budget and actual data will be pulled from KFS as of December 31, 2018 (through Fiscal Period 06). The position and employee data will be pulled from CORE as of early January.
Positions – Within the next few days, fiscal managers will receive a list of vacant positions to review in order to identify which positions the Office of Budget and Planning should inactivate. Only active position vacancies will be loaded into BC.

BC Processors – Within the next few days, each fiscal manager will receive a list of employees currently set up as BC processors. We ask that you review this list promptly and provide us with any additions, changes, or deletions. Any users not on this list will be unable to access to the system. We will also confirm the identification of the ‘Lead BC processor’ for each area. This user is responsible for communicating when submissions are finalized and sending the completed checklist to their budget analyst.

• This year users will have the ability to export BC information into a template identical to the Budget Hearing financial forecast. This may eliminate some duplication of effort if users enter their budgets in BC early, prior to the hearings.
• Users will now be able to input anticipated carry forward information for Ledger 2 (OPTUI) accounts in the Prior Year Fund Balance field, in the same way this information is provided for non-Ledger 2 accounts. The reports within BC will incorporate this fund balance information.
• During the final close of KFS in August, a budget amount equal to the actual prior year fund balance will be automatically loaded into the 3000 fund balance object code. This will allow for improved budget to actual reporting throughout the year.
• We hope to have a KFDM report finalized that will compare BC submission by employee to the actual payroll expenses and encumbrances.

Training – We will be offering a full training course for new users over the next month. Attendees will gain a functional understanding of how to enter fiscal year budgets into Budget Construction. This hands-on course will allow attendees to work directly in the Budget Construction module. This course is intended for first-time users only. A separate communication will go out with course times and the registration link.

Open Labs Throughout the months of January-April we will also be offering open lab sessions, where users can drop in for hands-on assistance with specific questions or guidance on their overall budget submission. Additionally, if you are not a new user but need additional training regarding BC, please feel free to set up an appointment with your assigned budget analyst.