About Budget Construction

About Budget Construction

Budget Construction for FY18 will be open to users on Monday, March 6, 2017.  Completed submissions will be due back to the Office of Budget & Planning by Friday, April 14, 2017.  This is a shorter time period than last year but still provides nearly 6 weeks for Units to enter and submit their budget.  The Budget team is looking forward to working with the campus community to ensure a successful budget cycle in Budget Construction.  If you have questions, please contact your assigned Budget Analyst or the Office of Budget & Planning at 486-6288.

Key Points

Permanent Budget Transfers - The last day to transfer permanent funding for this Fiscal Year is Friday, 2/24/17.  Please have your eDocs submitted to the Office of Budget & Planning prior to that date.  This allows the permanent funding in BC to remain static throughout the process.  One-time transfers may continue through the end of the Fiscal Year.

BC Data Load - The budget and actual data will be pulled from KFS as of 3/1/17 (through Fiscal Period 08).  The position and employee data will be pulled from CORE as of 3/1/17.

Positions - The fiscal managers have received (or will be receiving) a list of vacant positions to review so that our office can help inactivate ones that should no longer exist.

BC Processors - This week, each Unit/School/College fiscal manager will receive a list of employees currently set up as BC processors.  We ask that you review this list promptly and provide us with any adds, changes, or deletions.  A user will not have access to the system if they are not on this list.

Training - We will be offering both a refresher course and full training course over the next month.  Please see descriptions below and click on the following link for course times and registration: Professional Development

Throughout the months of March and April, we will also be offering open lab sessions, where users can drop in for hands-on assistance with specific questions or guidance on their overall budget submission.

Courses Offered

Budget Construction Refresher (Beginning 2/14/17)

For existing Budget Construction users who completed the full Budget Construction training last year, this course will provide a refresher to the Budget Construction module.  In addition, the course will discuss any changes made to Budget Construction, as well as a review of tips and suggestions to help simplify the budgeting processes.  There will be a short Power Point presentation followed by hands on practice in a test system.

Budget Construction Training (Beginning 2/16/17)

Attendees will gain a functional understanding of how to enter fiscal year budgets into Budget Construction.  This hands-on course will allow attendees to work within the actual module.  In addition, there will be an overview of the University's Budgeting Process, including 2-Ledger (University Supported Accounts) and Non-2-Ledger Accounts.