University Organizational Structure

To Request a Change:

The Organizational Structure Change Workflow represents some of the steps required to make a change.  For questions on changing organizational structures (i.e. adding, removing, reorganizing, renaming), contact Reka Wrynn.  For questions on organization head name changes, contact Jackie Brenn.  A new request form is currently under development.  In the interim, please send requests via email to Reka or Jackie and include the detail change information and justification for the change.  All requests to change the Organizational Structure must be authorized by the supervisor at the next level up.  In addition, official approval from the Board of Trustees may be necessary for organization name changes.

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Request Types

Adding/Removing Orgs

  • Adding - Once new orgs are established account holders are responsible for adding accounts or moving accounts into the new org.
  • Removing - Check for open accounts, check employees work departments, check for assets
  • Multiple account/asset changes can be done via interface rather than individual edocs.

Reports To Org - Organizational chart should be submitted along with the change request.

Renaming Org - Organizational chart should be submitted along with the change request. Certain academic orgs may need Board of Trustees approval prior to changes.

Organizational Structure Change Workflow

flow chart for structure changes