Our Team

Budget and Planning, Main Office
budget@uconn.edu(860) 486-6288

Katrina Spencer, Associate Vice President
Katrina.Spencer@uconn.edu (860) 486-6288

Danielle Bova, Budget Analyst I
Danielle.bova@uconn.edu (860) 486-4363

Kayla Burgess, Budget Specialist
Kayla.burgess@uconn.edu (860) 486-6288

Jeremy Campbell, Director of Business and Analytics
Jeremy.Campbell@uconn.edu (860) 486-8078

Kate Clark, Budget Analyst II

Jeff Gagnon, Budget Analyst II
jeffrey.gagnon@uconn.edu(860) 486-0535

Michael Golden, Budget Analyst III
Michael.golden@uconn.edu (860) 486-2676

Heather Ryan, Budget Analyst I
heather.ryan@uconn.edu(860) 486-2556

Kelly Wihbey, Director of Operating Budget and Planning
Kelly.wihbey@uconn.edu (860) 486-0532

Reka Wrynn, Director of Capital Budget and Planning
Reka.wrynn@uconn.edu (860) 486-2434